Guide in English

A member of your family (or a friend or a relative) has just been incarcerated at the Le Havre Prison ?

Our association welcomes you on the premises of the penitentiary center of Le Havre on visiting days. Our mission is to help maintain family and social ties.
Below you will find information about visits, clothing, family units…


Useful numbers

  • Centre Pénitentiaire : +33 2 76 89 81 00
  • Service d’insertion et de probation (SPIP) : +33 2 76 89 81 26
  • To book a parlour : 0 800 02 78 00 Green number, free from a fixed french phone If calling from abroad, this number does not work. Contact the Centre Pénitentiaire or the SPIP and ask to be transferred
  • Palais de justice du Havre (standard) : +33 2 32 92 57 00
  • Association Relais Enfants Parents Haute Normandie : +33 2 35 73 04 08

How to come to the prison

The Le Havre prison (Centre Pénitentiaire du Havre) is located at Saint Aubin Routôt along the RD 6015 (formely RN15) between Gainneville and Saint Romain de Colbosc.
GPS coordinates:
49°31’04.5″N 0°16’52.6″E
i.e. 49.517911, 0.281266


1. Public transport.
– Bus line n°2506 (previously n°20) (Le Havre- Caudebec in Caux)
Leaving Le Havre from the bus station (next to the railway station).
Stop on the RD 6015 at the prison entrance (stop Épetot-centre pénitentiaire)
Cost (March 2018): 2 € for the journey longer  than 15 minutes but book of 10 = 12 €
Possibility of subscription for about 40 €.
For people with financial difficulties: tel 0825 076 027 to ask for the form allowing to obtain the social rate on the departmental line: 2 € for 10 journeys or go to the bus station to get the form.

The bus card of Le Havre bus lines (LIA de la CODAH) is valid for the journey to the Le Havre prison.

– CODAH LIA n°12: Le Havre-Étainhus-St Romain
Leaving Le Havre from the bus station (next to the railway station).
Stop at « La ueue du Grill » on the RD6015 next to the entrance to the Penitentiary Center.

The timetables can be consulted at the reception (or by Internet on the site of Keolis Seine Maritime for the bus line number 506 and on the site of LIA for the Bus n°12)

2.  By car
Access by road RD6015 (formerly N15).
Free parking next to the welcome house on the prison ground.

If the cost of transportation does not allow you to visit your loved one, do not hesitate to contact us: an association could possibly help you.

How to get a visiting permit

Fill in the visiting permit obtainable by internet (cerfa 13860*02)
formulaire CERFA 13960*02
or from the welcome house mentioning:

The information about the detainee

  • Family name and Christian name + prisoner number
  • Place of incarceration (name of the prison)

The information concerning you:

  • Your full name and Christian name
  • Your full address – Street, postal code and city and possibly your telephone number
  • Your date and place of birth
  • Your relationship, friendship with the incarcerated person (give all the information to convince of the legitimacy of your request especially when you are not directly related)

The letter must be dated and signed.


• 2 identical and recent identity photographs.
• A double-sided copy of the applicant’s identity document (national identity card, passport, resident card, residence permit)
• Proof of relationship: copy of the complete family booklet, Birth certificate, extract of marriage certificate or proof of concubinage or photocopy of common life bill
• Proof of residence dating less than three months (e.g. recent water, electricity, gas or telephone bill)
• A stamped envelope at the prevailing rate with your name and address.

Check that all items are included, otherwise your request will be rejected.

  • To whom should you apply?

If the person is an accused (awaiting judgment)
Make a written request to the Investigating Judge in charge of the case or if there is no instruction, to the Public Prosecutor of the court before which the person is summoned.

For the record: Tribunal de Grande Instance, 133 bld de Strasbourg, 76600 Le Havre

If the person is a convicted (he has been tried)
Make a written request to the director of the establishment
Centre Pénitentiaire du Havre
Lieu dit « la Queue du Grill »
76430 Saint Aubin Routôt

Special case: during the 10-day appeal period following a conviction, The Prosecutor of the Republic of the Tribunal who has just pronounced the sentence.


Minors regardless of age must hold an individual visiting permit.

Minors may come with other escorts than holders of parental authority if the holders consent.

The holder of the parental authority must file the application, with:

  • 2 identity photos of the child
  • A copy of the family booklet
  • The list of accompanying persons authorized by the holder of the parental authority. This list can be modified by simple mail.

A new photo may be requested to update the visitor’s permit given the changes in the physiognomy of young visitors.
You must request a visiting permit for each child.

Where to send the request: similar to adults (see previous page)

It is mandatory that a minor visitor be accompanied by an adult holding a visiting permit.

Particular rule for children over the age of 16:

They can come alone under the following condition

  • They have the written consent of the holder of parental authority
  • And to visit a holder of parental authority incarcerated.

The address to write to a prisoner

Postal address of the prison

Centre Pénitentiaire
Lieu dit « la Queue du Grill »
76430 Saint Aubin Routôt
With the Name, First Name, and remember to indicate the prisoner’s number


How to book a parlour

  • By internet :
  • 2 terminals in the reception of the family welcome building
  • A personal badge with a bar code will be given to you by a supervisor to access it.
    You will also be able to consult your bookings on this terminal.
  • By telephone

When using the terminal is not possible (no badge for example): 0 800 02 78 00 (green number from a landline phone) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 am to 12 am.
From abroad, call the SPIP on +33 276 89 81 26
Or the prison which may transfer to the SPIP on +33 276 89 81 00 on the same time basis as above.

Appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

An appointment must be made for each adult visitor for the same parlour with the same detainee. You can, with your badge, make an appointment for a person with a visiting permit for the same detainee but you need the badge number of the person you are registering.
Frequency of parlours
A detainee (not tried) may have 3 visits per week.
A convicted prisoner may have 2 visits per week.
Adult prisoners placed in a disciplinary cell may only have one parlour on a seven consecutive days basis
There are no restrictions for minors.

Details concerning the parlours
You must be at the family’s welcome house reception room 40 minutes before the time set for the parlour.
See parlour times below.

A supervisor will come to the reception: you will register with him by presenting a valid identity document.

Personal belongings (phone, money etc.) must be left in your personal car or deposited in a locker made available at the reception (but beware, limited number). You must have a padlock to close the locker. It is mandatory that the padlock be removed when you return from the parlour. Once the registration of all the families is completed, you will be taken to the parlour by the supervisor.

A drinks dispenser is installed in the parlour area and operates with tokens available at the families welcome house: 1 token = 1 €. The exchanger works with coins of 2 €, 1 €, 0,50 €, 0,20 € and 0,10 €.
To enter the Penitentiary Centre, you will have to pass under a portico as in an airport. If you have been operated with implanted metal hardware (e.g. pin, screw plate, pacemaker or insulin pump), remember to bring a medical certificate and show it to the supervisor.


Duration of the parlours
The duration of the parlours is 45 ‘.
Double parlours may be granted at the request of the detained person:
• For the Detention Centre (CD): 2 double parlours per week except Saturdays and 1 double parlour per month on a Saturday.
• For the House of Judgment (MA): 1 double parlour per month.

Childcare during the parlour
Children over the age of 3 and up to 12 years old whose parents go to the parlours can be kept at the reception of family welcome house on Wednesdays from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.
This day-care system (provided by GEPSA) is only available on reservation with the GEPSA family reception team, with a limit of 8 children.
Children who are not accompanied by a person who can supervise them cannot be left alone in the families’ welcome area.
Anyone who leaves one or more unattended child in the family welcome house reception room outside of the day care system available on Wednesdays and Saturdays will be denied access to their parlour.

Parlour times

Parlour Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:30 MA CD MA CD MA
Parlour Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
13:30 CD MA CD MA CD
14:30 CD MA CD MA CD
15:30 CD MA CD MA CD

MA = House of Arrest

CD = Detention Centre

Visitors must be present at the Family Welcome House 45 minutes before the parlour time.
Visitors for prisoners assigned to buildings: Semi-Liberty QSL (Outside Placement only), Arrivals Quarter QA, Isolation Quarter QI, and Minors Quarter QM can position themselves on any parlour time.
Disciplinary area: Visitors to detainees assigned to the disciplinary ward may only be placed on one of the three rounds of the morning. From the time of placement in the disciplinary district, any appointment scheduled in the afternoon will be cancelled.

Clothing and objects for the detainee

Families visiting detained persons can deposit clothing for them at the parlours.
To do this they must put the clothing in a bag with the surname, first name and prisoner number of the detained person as well as the inventory sheet on which will be listed all the clothing and objects contained in the bag.
The number of objects and clothing is limited to avoid cell congestion. Any bag exceeding the limited quantity will be refused.
Only one large bag per week is allowed.

Can be brought Forbidden items
Clothing and towels

Maximum quantity
See Inventory sheet (in French)      
Navy blue or khaki clothing.
Camouflage outfits.
Hooded clothing, hood.
Clothing made of leather or imitation leather
Clothes with provocative or outrageous inscriptions.
Clothes or shoes with metallic structure.
High collar clothing
Towels over 1,20m long
Hygiene products  
Pair of new shoes (sneakers, slippers, city shoes) with purchase receipt
One pair per month
Shoes with metallic structures
Football shoes
Books, magazines, newspapers etc.
Dictionary, learning materials
Only with original soft cover.
Bound books

Children’s drawings and writings
Small non-metallic objects (maximum 15 cm) made by minors for their imprisoned parents
Media: CD, DVD, video games with proof of purchase and with blister coverRecordable or engraved CDs or DVDs
Small medical equipment with prior authorization from the unit of care and the administration  
Any other article or object is imperatively subject to prior authorization.  

It is strictly forbidden to bring food, drinks, telephone or money.

It is strictly forbidden to bring medicine or pharmaceutical products.

The necessary medicines or pharmaceutical products are delivered by the medical service of the prison.

Parcels for the End of year fetes
For the end of year fetes (for a one month period), the families have the possibility of bringing food, provided these items are not in a metallic box or glass container, alcoholised or perishable and that the conservation at ambient temperature is impossible.

An information note is available each year indicating:

  • The authorised period
  • The weight allowed and the number of parcels authorised
  • The kind of food authorised, the conditioning factors and their presentation.

When there is no visiting permit for the detainee (case of detainees arriving, for the period of 15 days after arrival), the families can bring a bag of clothing to the Family Welcome from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 11am and from 1pm to 3:45pm.
The bag will be taken by one of the prison staff affected to the parlours.
Only one bag per week is allowed.
The name, first name, (and prisoner number if available) of the detainee must be written on the bag and on the list form (available in the welcome centre) on which will be indicated all the clothing contained in the bag and that will be joined to the bag.

To be known
Each new detainee receives on arrival a hygiene bag.
The detainees have the possibility of having their clothing washed inside the Prison.

Sending money to a detainee

It is strictly forbidden to send cash to a detainee or to give him some during a parlour.
The detainee cannot have any cash, check book or credit card in prison.
The detainee can receive money from his family, the persons holding a permanent visiting permit or the people authorised by the prison director.
The family and the authorised persons can do:
— A bank transfer:
The transfer must be done to the account “centre pénitentiaire du havre”.
A bank RIB is available from the welcome.
Don’t forget to write the name of the detainee and his prison number in the information’s area

The canteen

The detainee can purchase items from the centre’s « canteen »
He does his purchases through a chit and from the canteen catalogue
Many items can be purchased from the canteen

  • Food items
  • Hygiene products
  • Cleaning products
  • Writing kit
  • Stamps
  • Newspapers
  • Tobacco

You can read the catalogue (items available and price) at the Family Welcome Centre: ask one of the volunteers

He can also hire:
A refrigerator for 5 euros per month *
A television for 13.09 euros per month * (6.55 euros if two detainees in the same cell)

UVF (Family life unit)

The Family Life Units (UVF) are structures allowing to spend more time with the imprisoned relative.
At the Le Havre penitentiary center, four apartments from t2 to t3, one of which has been adapted for disabled guests, are suitable for families and their children, even very young. There may be up to four visitors. They can stay in the UVF from 6 to 72 hours (6 h the first time)

How to apply?


  • hold a visiting permit
  • come regularly to visit the detainee during the classical parlors
  • have a proven family tie with the detained person: wife, concubine, close family, child …


  • send an application for a UVF* to the Prison Director (the document is available at the Family Welcome Unit and must be handed in to GEPSA).
  • for untried prisoners, you must obtain the agreement from the investigating magistrate
  • for juvenile detainees, you must obtain the agreement from the juvenile judge.

For more information contact the Advisor for Insertion and Probation (SPIP) or the staff of the Judicial Protection of Youth concerned.

*The document to fill in is available at the Family Welcome Centre